Embeddable widgets
for any smart contract.

Make interacting with your smart contract as easy as a retweet. Pre-define functions, customize the look, use.

Prediction markets





1 - 2 - 3

In three clicks.

Choose or paste
a smart contract.

Select and predefine the functions.

Customize the look and get a link.

Unlocking the usage of smart contracts.

Embeddable anywhere you want

Sign transactions in context. Include it on your website or straight in blog post or livestream video.

Accessible and easy to use

Synced state between any wallet and the widget, address autosuggestions and more. Mobile *friendly*.

Customize functions and look

Select and predefine the functions you want to display. Customize the look by changing CSS or choose a template.

Unstoppable and versioned

Links are auto generated for each widget, the library is hosted on IPFS. Use the version that suits you best, forever.

Live in one month.
Working well in three.

First month

Working version. Link generation, library, embeddable.

Second month

Stable version. UX improvements, predefining functions.

Third month

Polished version. Incresed accessibility, covering edge cases.

From an experienced team.

Most of our team worked together for more than a year. We’ve launched two dapps, won EthBuenosAires and really enjoy making.

Patryk Adas

Designer / Operations

Kuba Stasiak

Front-end Engineer

G. Kapkowski

Full-stack Engineer

Piotr Wojtczak

Motion Designer

Mateusz Sikora

Front-end Engineer

with special help of

Patrick, creator of OneClickDapp